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Community Initiatives a network of individuals and partner organizations dedicated to building healthy
and whole communities.



What is a healthy community?

...A place that has good schools; good jobs; plenty of parks; bikable/walkable routes; efficient public transport; sustainable growth; access to quality healthcare; a vibrant arts and cultural life; a locally-driven economy; and where people from different backgrounds join to solve problems, work, laugh, and do life together.

...A community that is continuously creating and improving those physical and social environments and expanding those community resources that enable people to mutually support each other and maximize everyone's potential.

What Determines Our Health? 
   (


What is whole? 

Whole simply means containing all components; complete; not divided or disjointed; acting together; restored; healed; well; sound; healthy; entire; not broken or fractured; unimpaired; integral…

Acting from and for the whole is challenging:  As humans, part of our default mode is naturally self-centered - we tend to see and interpret everything through this lens of self.  Our daily and civic discourse usually reinforces this default mode.  Our “discussions,” a word whose roots mean to “break apart,” can reinforce conversations where we hold onto and defend our self-centered view.  It is when we move into a mode of Dialogue that we can begin to see the Whole. (Read More About Dialogue...)


What is a community?

A community is a group of people, often living in a defined geographic area, who are connected by culture, values and/or norms, and who share common struggles and dreams. "Community" includes neighborhoods, towns, regions, workplaces, schools, faith and interest groups, associations and virtual networks.

How do we get healthy and whole communities?  It is people working in groups - collaboratively - that has the greatest potential, the most leverage, for creating the conditions (see determinants) that lead to health and wholeness.  It is an ongoing process and commitment made up of intentional choices and actions.  CI exists to help people work together to build healthy, whole communities.  (Read more About CI.)

News & Updates

CI Heads West CI is enjoying our new headquarters in Fort Collins, CO.  We appreciate working in a community that is intentional about sustainability and health.  In 2014, CI continued to move westward, adding a new location in Portland, OR.  We are excited to learn and grow with another unique healthy community.    

Community Commons Continues to Grow Community Commons has added great new features and enhancements to the site that will help you connect with thought leaders and peers, share stories and strategies, and use the latest technology and tools, including Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs). Check it out and join the Commons today. 

Stay Tuned CI is excited to introduce several new associates on our team. We are launching a new, more interactive website and look forward to sharing updated information on our new associates, recent projects, and vision. 


Monte Roulier

President, Community Initiatives